What are the proper terminologies in the hobby?

  • Blasters, not guns

  • Darts, not bullets

​I am new and want to join for a game but what should I bring?

  • ​Safety eyewear ( NERF branded eyepro or spectacles or non impact rated eye wear are not allowed)

  • Covered footwear

  • Blaster

  • Darts

  • Water

  • Comfortable sports outfit to run in

Can I wear military uniforms?

No milsim or blasters that are mostly black are allowed for games as we do not want the alarm the public as we've had police checking on us during games before.

Dart sweep?

During the event, there will be breaks in-between to collect darts which we call this, dart sweep, so you are expected to help in cleaning up the area as we need to keep the public locations clean for everyone.

When are the games held on?

We host weekly games on weekends, more info can be found here https://www.facebook.com/groups/nerfsingapore/events/

Is there a minimum age to participate in the event?

For regular games, the youngest permissible age to play is 12 years (with parental consent). Minors under the age of 14 years must be supervised by a parent or guardian. Nerf Singapore takes no responsibility for the supervision of minors. You must be present and watching at events.

While, family games allows 6 years and up as they are catered for low powered gameplay.

I am below the minimum age, can i still attend?

Please contact the game host as it will be case by case basis.

We would want everyone of all ages to experience the hobby if possible. At the end, if you are comfortable to be tagged by others, then we welcome you for future games.

What is the best blaster to use?

Come down for a game and find out your own personal preference for the best blaster.

How do I improve my blasters?

Check out Guides for some tips or join our facebook group for more answers.

I have more questions

Send a request here! Contact Us